It's been 19 years since the first Orbea Monegros and we have always felt the obligation to listen to thousands of participants that have rolled through the desert of Monegros.

After the recent process of active listening have reached the determination that the registration for the next edition of Orbea Monegros, it will be on April 27, is finally done under the usual parameters. I mean No draw to cover the seats.

In this way is the place to everyone equally without forgetting, clear, who in the last three years have been loyal to the appointment monegrina consecutively. The enrollment process will be according to the following:

Participants with guaranteed square

Those who have participated in the last three editions in a row may register the December 3, between 10:00 h to 17:00 h. Outside these hours, they will lose eligibility for insured square.

It is our way of recognizing those who have supported the test in recent years and is also a method to enhance the loyalty around the test.

Other participants

Other persons wishing to participate in the Orbea Monegros 2019 may register the same 3 December at 20:00 hto cover the total of the 8,000 seats: 6,000 in the marathon and 2,000 in the half-marathon.

The proposed schedule responds to the single goal of opening the enrollment process in the time of the day more accessible for those who want to participate.


The registration process will be enabled to register as many people as it is considered, by filling in the boxes and making a single payment.

See you in the! Europe's desert adventure!

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