XTR M9100

The new XTR M9100 stands as the most versatile XC, Enduro, and marathon runners group

XTR M9100: designed to meet the needs at the highest level of competition in the MTB through unmatched performance and experience.


If there is something that no one doubts is that the MTB World pass their own limits. MTB competition takes place year after year in more demanding routes and with increasingly able bikes. So if the corridor need lighter bike, maximum control or the most versatile transmission to deal with any situation, the new XTR has taken this development more than ever with a series of components that provide to MTB racer the speed, control and the possibility of focusing only on victory.

XC, Marathon and Enduro runners want a perfect balance between speed, focus and control, so each of these premises have been optimized in the process of the development of the XTR M9100.

The XTR new features include a absolutely innovative 12-speed cassette with both a development of 10-45 10-51 and 2 or four-piston brakes, and a new rear hub that highlights the core technology MICRO SPLINE. Also the brake levers are designed to allow the user to position all the elements of the bike control in such a way that they provide comfort and agility required in its use, which includes a remote control for the telescopic seatpost. Altogether, the new XTR lower his weight by more than 150 grams in its XC configuration and more than 90 grams in the of Enduro, always providing a performance that is intuitive to focus on what now counts: what you have in front of you.

BAS Van DoorenProduct Manager at Shimano Europe, declares: "speed, focus, and control were the objectives present during the development phase. We have designed the XTR to boost acceleration and speed drastically reduce the loss of thrust through the redesign of the transmission. We have concentrated on accuracy with a distribution of elements on the handlebars very intuitive and millimeter, which have helped the new solutions provided by the brakes. The new XTR is not an update to the M9000. "It is a redesign from scratch to create the best components to compete in MTB, XC, marathon or Enduro."



Cassette: Developments in the transmission began minimizing the steps to make the changes, in order to provide optimal Cadence and rhythm to cyclists between each gear and, ultimately, the overall maximum speed. The result has been the Crown 51T, following the footsteps of the 6T in last three sprockets (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51T) for a uniform Cadence. XTR also presents the 12-speed cassette 10-45T (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45T), for paths MTB faster or with less slope and a lesser impact on the Cadence. 10-45T (CS-M9100-12) will enable runners of XC climb any mountain to propose.

Two cassettes used strikingly different metals for different sprockets, in order to provide the best balance between weight and durability. The largest sprockets are aluminum, the medium-sized titanium, and the smaller steel.

XTR offers a third option of cassette (CS-M9110-11) for cyclists who want to use more rigid and lightweight wheels. Basically, this option is based on the cassette 10-51T, which removed the Crown 51T to create an 11-speed cassette with spacing equivalent to one 12-speed changes. The advantage of this option is that it provides the rider the opportunity to ride a lighter bike, with more rigid wheels which can be used with the same string and shifter that takes a 12-speed configuration.

Technology hubs: In order to adapt to the configuration of 12 speed, SHIMANO has restructured the FREEHUB design with technology MICRO SPLINE. Along with this, comes the technology SCYLENCE Shimano rear bushings. This new technology replaces the pawls with a new gear system that reduces friction during pedaling and creates a virtually silent bushing, so you can focus on the path ahead. The front hubs are available in 100 or 110 mm with a thru axle 15 mm and the rear are 142 or 148 mm (Boost specification) with a thru-axle 12 mm (HB-M9110 /-B / FH-M9110 /-B).


Cranks: Along with the 12-speed (CN-M9100) with QUICK LINK system-specific string, comes the connecting rods of 12 speed (FC-M9100/M9120-1) with his famous hollow arm. XC runners carrying 1 × 12 are perfectly assisted with a wide range of dishes from direct mounting reduces weight up to 80 g and are available from 30T-38T. The riders Enduro that assemble 1 × 12 can add XTR chain device (Mount SM-CD800 E, D or type mount ISCG05) to help the chain retention, and have the option of wider Crankset FC-M9120 Q factor game suited to dimension pictures unique ones.

Cyclists who want a wider range of gears and full control on all types of land have the option of a 2 × 12 Rod speeds (FC-M9100 / M9120-B2) in 38-28T which can be combined with the 10-45T cassette for the maximum range of change for long careers with mu Chas climbs.


Derailleurs: Three rear derailleurs are available for box long and double dish-compatible level XTR (RD-M9100-SGS/GS long box and short box) or RD-M9120-SGS, all in a neat and attractive anodized aluminum design. To improve performance, the pulleys range from 11T to the 13T on the new XTR M9000 to increase retention of the chain and help minimize the rebound of the chain thanks to the design of the rear derailleur SHIMANO SHADOW RD +.

Meanwhile, three types of front derailleurs, depending on the frame of the bicycle can also be found. Direct, type E and middle clamp, all of them with the technology SIDE SWING, for a smooth front shifting and effortless.


Change buttons: The objective that lies behind the design of the buttons change was to allow runners to instantly adapt to the changing conditions of the terrain with a better integration in the control panel that will help reduce a few tenths of a second crucial in each operation.

This has been achieved through the creation of the design I-SPEC EV (evolution), which allows you to mount it along with the brake lever, providing a range of sideslip of 14 mm and a 60 degree rotational positioning so that users can find the position more ergonomic hand in change and the push buttons and get a handlebar clean and clear.

In addition, Shimano now presents a lever to control the telescopic seatpost, independent (SL-MT800-IL) with a montage I-SPEC-EV compatible with all Seatposts telescopic market, including the PRO Koryak.

In addition, the change buttons now have a level of advanced drive, allowing runners to make intuitive movements, without effort and with the fingertips, greatly reducing the strength of drive in comparison with XTR M9000.

Features like the RAPIDFIRE Plus, 2-WAY RELEASE and MULTI - RELEASE remain of the previous generation. However for shifters M9100 is new an 11 to 12-speed converter (SL-M9100-R /-IR) in the rear derailleur for runners who choose 11-speed rear hub with more bandwidth. For runners who choose a 2 × 12, the left button configuration (SL-M9100-IL / SL-M9100-L) presents a new and innovative design "Monkey" with a simplified and intuitive operation, using only a lever to raise or lower.


Brakes: Based on what is already the standard to which suck the rest of the braking, lever brake XTR M9100 design systems (BL-M9100 / M9120) has changed with a clamp attachment and a body relocated. Clamp moves toward the center of the body of the lever and the edge of the body of the lever is ably supported against the handle to create a more rigid brake with a feeling of more direct contact and better control.


Option 2-piston (BR-M9100) comes with a brake lever lighter XC with the option of adjusting the scope of the lever arm. (BR-M9120) 4-piston brakes play also has a brake lever specific, including a function of adjustment without the need for tools and technology Servo Wave of Shimano to provide quick action from the pill to the disk. Both clips are made of aluminium, used a high stiffness brake hose and provide a faster braking response with a shorter tour.

Pads and rotors: To conform to the new shape of the clamps, brake pad also changes. Riders who prefer the 4-piston calipers will need the pills with flap (N03 / 4A resin / metal), while the 2-piston calipers are in accordance with the pills without fins (K02/4S resin/metal stand K02 plates / 4Ti titanium optional). Meanwhile, the design of the rotor used ICE-TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA renewed construction that reduces the weight or increases heat dissipation. 140 and 160 mm rotors reduced weight 5 to 10 g respectively, while that the rotors of 180 and 203 mm were 20° C colder during the test with 203 mm rotor, which also reduced the weight 30 g (compared to RT99).


Altogether, the new XTR M9100 answers all the questions asked the best riders of the world mountain bike. How can I combine the efficiency of a light bike with the wider range of changes, maximum power of braking, custom settings, excellent durability of components and greater efficiency in the transmission? XTR M9100: unbeatable.

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