Luck unveils its new Arctic 2020


Winter boots LUCK ARTICO, is the best ally for these cold days, has a double membrane SION-TEX, which protects you from the elements so that you are always dry and warm.

They have a carbon sole Shd, with natural rubber studs (obtained from the resin of the trees, not derived from petroleum) giving it a greater grip on any surface and greater durability, and offer the possibility of placing two front heels for the softest surfaces.

They are extremely comfortable in the most adverse conditions (from 10 degrees, to – 10 degrees), as they are built in one piece, without internal seams.

With Luck Artico you won't have to worry in rainy conditions, they are waterproof thanks to their double inner sock along with the sealing of all their seams. Its new interior structure Carbin It gives an anatomical fit of the foot thanks to its enveloping fabric, added to the triple inner lining, Artico + Thinsulate + On-Tex. Not forgetting the lycra collar for the most unfavorable conditions and the new heel system aimed at holding the ankle.

They have a mesh Reflective all over the exterior of the shoe, and with rubber toe cap, for greater durability of the shoes over time.

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